April 12, 2018
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MQL tooling technology

Resource saving and energy efficient

Minimum Quantity lubrication (MQL)

PREZISS MQL Tooling System

MQL minimizes your environmental impact by significantly reducing fluid usage and eliminating the need for coolant treatment and disposal.

By minimum-quantity lubrication, we mean the cooling of machining processes with very small amounts of coolant-lubricant, this means an approximately 40% of electrical power reduction and the 80% less of coolant needed in the process, so we can say the MQL is another way to save energy that implicitly leads to cost reduction. The usage of the MQL technology requires a careful usage, all components, cutting tools, holders, machine, fixture, all the process must be optimally aligned to succeed. All the the cutting tool special features must be carefully designed and produced to drive the chips and cooling.

preziss MQL system

Different MQL Systems:

  • External Supply systems:the aerosol containing the oil is sprayed onto the point of machining through a jet installed in the machining space of the machine tool. No special holders or tools are needed.
  • Internal Supply system:the MQL medium is conveyed through a rotary transmission, the work spindle, the tool holder and the tool itself, directly to the cutting edge of the tool. For such systems, special holders with a straight feed-through of the MQL medium for perfect flow are necessary. What is also needed are tools specially designed for MQL, with a transfer chamfer adjusted to the holder and with optimised coolant-lubricant outlets.With the internal supply there are two possibilities, 1 Channel MQL and 2 Channels MQL.
  • 1 Channel MQL:the System generates the aerosol before entering into the machine spindle and it is driven through the machine spindle and tool holder to the most effective point in the cutting tool.
  • 2 Channels MQL:the oil and the air are both driven separately through spindle and the mix of two components is done at entrance of the tool holder, where both are mixed and conducted to the cutting point in the tool.
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