PREZISS Company actively contributes to improving your productivity and competitiveness in metal, wood and composite cutting machining.


-Woodworking industry

-Metal and automotive industry

-Aerospace industry


tree business groups where we dedicated decades to worth and grow with our customers optimizing and developing machining solutions.

we believe in your projects and the commitment success on their, your goals are our challenges.

From the very beginning, PREZISS Company has been involved  near to the customers offering all the experience of our people to look for comprehensive and reliable cutting tool solutions of all most complex applications.

Polycrystalline diamond tools, solid carbide cutting tools, tool holders and hydraulic clamping solutions.


woodworking cutting tool solutions in:






-tooling systems

metal and automotive cutting tool solutions in:

-fine boring







-tooling systems

aerospace cutting tool solutions in:

-fine boring





-tooling systems


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Application sectors:

-Automotive and components supplier industry.

-Energy and wind power.

-General machining.

-Cast iron.

-Air conditioning.


<<  woodworking industry



Application sectors:

-Manufacture of particle board and MDF.

-Flooring-efficient production.

-CNC-machining to size.

-Industry-machining for special materials.

-Kitchen furniture.

-Production of furniture design.


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<< aerospace industry

automotive >>


Application sectors:

-Aerospace industry.

-Automotive industry and motor-sport.

-wind power and energy.



woodworking industry >>

<< cutting tool reconditioning



Re-conditioning and precision sharpening.

high rise sharpening  service

Apart from manufacturing, Re-tipping capability and sharpening of PCD and HM tools is an important part of Preziss tools as part of our service and commitment with our customers. To extend the life of your PCD tooling, PREZISS TOOL SERVICE offers a PCD sharpening service of rotating cutting tools and indexable inserts. Our grinding process results an impressive cutting performance, best cutting quality, higher service life and therefore more productivity for your production shop. PREZISS‘s technical field service and service centres ensure a continuous and comprehensive support for our PCD and CBN and carbide customers.

aerospace industry >>

<< engineering service




The engineering team from PREZISS cover the planning of the entire manufacturing process, and the definition and assignment all tools and components necessary for the machining including delivery to the customer. PREZISS has systematized its tool engineering services to ensure customer satisfaction for machining. In particular, we strongly support our customers in their manufacturing through such engineering services as technical training, test machining of workpieces, technical consultation, visiting diagnoses of machining lines, and suggestions for effective tooling.

The guaranty for a reliable production

Project consulting and planning

-Project analysis.

-3D support tool design.

-Clamping units design.

-Machine process development

Project realization and production

-Cutting tools production.

-Production of clamping units.

-Clamping units design.

-NC programming

cutting tools service >>

<< cutting tool management

Project test and execution

-Cutting tools set up.

-machining parameters set up.

-NC program implementation.

-Machine process acceptance.

After-sales support and service

-Cutting tool reconditioning service.

-cutting tool management.

-Cutting tool optimization.


Your cutting tools in good hands

We want to take care for your tools,



-Preziss tool management

-Preziss tool optimization

-Preziss tool logistics

-Preziss maintenance and repair

- CRM tool and part list control management

- Storage manufacturing management and cost analysis

- Tool design optimization

- Machining conditions optimization analysis

- goods in-workshop stock control

- Storage management and cost analysis

- in-time tool reconditioning management

- measuring and tool set assembling service - Perfect-fit

The polycrystalline Diamond creates a formidable cutting tool. Benefits include superb hardness, resulting in wear resistance, together with excellent toughness thanks to a polycrystalline structure.

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