Drilling and Fine Step Reaming Tools

High precision accuracy in hole making.

Accuracy of high precision in the finishing of holes. Based on our quality standards to ensure reliability in the machining of holes, we are setting standards in production by offering customized reaming solutions as Fine boring tools for a wide range of finishing applications in aluminium components


Innovative solution for rough and fine boring

We produce a wide range of PCD drill bits & step drill bits for hole processing for both, rough and finish cuts. A variety of point drill geometries have been developed to cover all possible application in pre-cast, through hole and blank holes but other factors are also taken into account to make the final design such as depth of hole, wall thickness, interrupted or non-interrupted cut, etc…… Every single detail counts to develop every drill bit!. Our PCD drill bits and step drill bits are mainly used for drilling aluminium & magnesium, wood, plastics, CFRP, GRP materials, etc…. showing excellent wear resistant properties when machining highly abrasive materials and conferring to the tool an extremely long tool life compared to traditional Carbide drill bits. Among the wide diversity of materials and drilling applications, and thanks to our vast experience and know-how, we can always advise the best PCD grade to be used in every case to improve, even more, the tool efficiency and yield.

Multi purpose drilling reamers with multi-guide pad solution, for complex hole machining, all in one tool to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Drilling and reaming All in one!

Apart of typical straight drilling, we strive in developing cum-drill reamers for complex drilling operations where we combine, with success, the drilling and reaming process at the same time with the aim of eliminating any unnecessary tools and reduce cycle time.
Best PCD and carbide grades are used for the cutting tips and tool bodies, coolant hole channels optimization, best cutting geometry and overall tool design are thoroughly taken into account not to skip any detail to produce the optimum customized tools for every application. Our objective is to confer to the tool the maximum tool life, an excellent surface finish and reliable and constant hole size.

Drilling and reaming all in one shot thanks to its diamond properties and the special edge geometry with chipbreaker

Chipbreaker technology for your PCD Tools

PCD cutting tools, fine boring tools and inserts can be produced with a new chipbreaker technology, extremely productive and tailored to satisfy your high-volume production needs. A chipbreaker design range and the correct PCD grade choice are available to provide the highest tool life and cutting data as well as unmatched surface and diameter tolerance quality. The reaming technology based with adjustable blades enables you to achieve highest accuracy and surface quality and four cutting edges with PCD, CBN, carbide, or cermet. The PREZISS system provides you with the most stable pocket seat and fail-safe clamping, from smallest to largest diameters. PCD tipped, steel or solid carbide body adding chipbreaker control, allows you to improve chip evacuation increasing the productivity as well as a higher tool life.


PCD Full Faced High Performance drills

A newly developed product by PREZISS DIAMANT are drill bits with SOLID PCD CHEVRON and SOLID PCD nib. This new development was initially directed to drilling FRP & CFRP materials but in time it has also progressed to other applications like Aluminium, Magnesium, wood, reinforced plastics, etc, … with this new technology, we can produce drill bits and reamers from Ø3mm.

Preziss PCD-Step-drill-solid PCD
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