PCD High Performance tools for profiling

Adding high performance profile cutting tools to turn the product in a customised component, allowing to differentiate from others giving to the product a special signature.


PCD Tools for Profiling

PREZISS, as a specialist in polycrystalline cutting tools (PCD), is aware of all the features required for the manufacture of complex special cutting tools. PCD profile tools are essential components  for high performance and finish on double profiling machines, moulding machines, spindle moulders, covering all needs of profiling and moulding. Those are a technically advanced tool group that can be used effectively on materials used in the furniture industry as well as other industrial sectors where very hard and abrasive materials are used.

Preziss PCD profile tools

PREZISS PCD flooring cutters

PREZISS PCD flooring tools

Preziss PCD profile tool sets mounted over hydro sleeve


Extremly stable steel body construction that conferees the cutting tool a reliable performance in hard working conditions. Designed to achieve large profile depths combining teeth along the profile required according to customer specifications, the Preziss cutters have a 0,02 mm concentric accuracy for a super finishing. mounting the cutting tools in a Hydro sleeve gives the tool a good dumping protection for a long tool life.

Preziss PCD profile tools

PREZISS PCD Profile tools

PREZISS PCD high performance profile cutter

ThHigh performance profile cutter set mounted over a hydro sleeve


To garantes high precision for all tools during the machining process in the following examples we advise mounting them on Hydro Preziss hydro centric chucks.

PCD scoring blade
PREZISS psd scoring blade technical with hydro chucksools
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