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Throughout the years we have been traditionally learning from our experiences. our heritage brings the best minds and experts in the industry who spend countless hours developing and bringing our tooling solutions to life. Testing and prototyping is only complete when we say it is ready to the hard work.
Our in-house facilities mean we never lose sight of this premise. This enables the development of all proprietary technologies with the single purpose of improving the precision tooling and machining systems.

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1971 - Pere Farrarons and Anna Mª.Mallen 
starts company, founding Herramientas Preziss. Main business area was dedicated to produce carbide cutting tools for  the woodworking industry.

1984 - Pere Farrarons, visualize a raw material as a new technological opportunity. Polycrystalline diamond comes on the scene to revolutionize the design of cutting tools. Preziss, begins to manufacture PCD cutting tools and stars a new stage in knowledge acquisition and mastery of the technique.

1986 - Preziss, invests in first technology to apply on grinding the PCD cutting tools for the woodworking industry.

1990 - Preziss, becomes a leading producer company, pioneer in the production and servicing of polycrystalline diamond PCD cutting tools.

2001 - Preziss, moves to a new facilities in Montgat. - Barcelona  to achieve the new commitment in terms of quality, reliability and productivity of PCD precision cutting tools.

2003 - Preziss, Starts its first steps in the production of cutting tools for the automotive industry. The main working area based in fine boring, reaming and milling technology.

2009 - Preziss, A new business plan focused in the automotive industry, allows the process
automation of the production plant for the coming years.

2010 - Preziss, launches our own drilling and sinking technology for the aerospace industry and at the same time we are well prepared to engineering and deliver turnkey projects for the automotive industry.

2017 - K_MILL, Introduced the new High Performance PCD reversible Face milling System. A new Patent Pending by Preziss Company.

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Preziss Tools Company

Preziss Tools headquarters based in Montgat, near Barcelona City is a Leading  High Precision Tool Manufacturer, produces a comprehensive range of PCD tools based on its extensive know-how in the area of engineering customized solutions in fine boring tools, reamers, circular milling as well as  in the drilling competence and tools mounting ISO  elements. Combined with highly precise in tool holding systems, offering the single full machining solution for your needs.PREZISS Tools with Poly-Crystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting materials, thanks to their great hardness and high abrasion resistance, are particularly suitable for the machining of light weight structured materials such as aluminium, magnesium and fibre-reinforced plastics, focused specially in automotive, aerospace and woodworking.

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