Special PCD Turning Tools

Wide variety of applications in Aluminum.

For any lathe application our tools, help chip control, tool life, and vibration. We manufacture Special PCD Turning Tools for internal and external operations that minimize your machining time.


PREZISS Special PCD Turning tools

To achieve a high quality surfaces we design and manufacture special Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) turning tools with brazed tips placed on a sliding and replaceable head that prevents insert movements giving extreme rigidity.
The High precision 3D printed coolant supply heads driven to the cutting point allowing to break and evacuate chips and at the same time controlling the temperature and giving long life to the tool.
The new machine technologies allows the development of a new multi-functional machining concept for Turning, Milling and Drilling operations in a sliding head turning machines and 5 axis machining centers rotating the part around the tools allowing the machining of symmetrical and non-symmetrical aluminum components.
PCD Form tools can be produced to face the profile directly in one pass only, reducing the cycle time drastically. The PCD edges provides a high improved edge utilization to the benefit of the life of the tool and the edge sharpening technology prevents the premature wear and unforeseen cutting edge chipping.

preziss Turning Multi-tasking PCD Tool
Preziss Boring Bars


The Preziss Boring Bars  made of Tungsten-Based Heavy Metal alloy offers a very good anti-vibration in long reach tools, enhancing the turning process and ensuring accuracy in an efficient machining process. The Monoblock turning bars has a built in cooling system, allowing precision cooling at the cutting edge. Suitable for internal grooves and boring operations. The optimal body shape designed to evacuate the chips faster to prevent unexpected edge wearing in internal machining operations.

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