PCD High Performance tools for laminate flooring

parquet flooring manufacturers demand manufacturers of cutting tools, the commitment to providing solutions for competence production of parquet flooring with high quality and high performance of cutting tools.


PCD Tools for Laminate flooring

PREZISS DIAMANT, as a specialist in polycrystalline cutting tools (PCD), is aware of all the features required for the manufacture of parquet flooring manufacturing lines. Improved cutting geometries, fastening systems hydro centering, based cutter bodies, designed for very fluently and chip removal, tool set weight and the accuracy of the geometry of the profile, runout and concentricity of it.

Preziss laminate flooring PCD tools

PREZISS PCD flooring cutters

PREZISS PCD flooring tools

Preziss laminate flooring PCD tools


Daily improved engineering makes the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) flooring tool sets, are changing very fast to cover all new machining needs. The (DFC) dust flow concept, helps the tool to remove chips quickly out of the machining area, offering better finish and longer life of the cutting edges at high speeds. The tooling system  for flooring, uses hydraulic sleeves in all tool-sets for maximum concentricity and better balanced of the tool set, thanks to the anti-vibration properties of Hydraulic fluid. The profile thicknesses are adjusted with micrometer dial indicator, in an easy and efficient operation to perform a simple adjustment of the profile. The flooring tool system by Preziss Diamant is designed and produced based on 3D CAD / CAM system and design control is improved by using a finite element method and the calculation system for unbalance compensation to achieve maximum tolerances machining forces of the workpiece during the profiling process at high speeds.

Preziss saw blade tooth types


PREZISS PCD high performance DFC tools

The state of the art in latest design technology allow us to improve the body design using our DFC technology pointed to guide the dust extraction.


To garantes high precision for all tools during the machining process in the following examples we advise mounting them on Hydro Preziss hydro centric chucks.

PCD scoring blade
PREZISS psd scoring blade technical with hydro chucks
PREZISS flooring 40 catalogue
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