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High precision accuracy in hole finishing.

PREZISS is a PCD Diamond Cutting Tools Manufacturer for the Aerospace & Aircraft Industry, including fine boring tools, reamers, Drills, End Mills, and Countersinks. PCD diamond cutting tools for the machining of CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic and non-ferrous coarse materials.


The right choice in focus

Fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP/GFRP), Titanium, Nickel-based alloys, Aramide and Honeycombs represents a real challenge during the machining process what means the cutting tool producers too. PREZISS developed a comprehensive tool solutions in the area of drilling , milling and reaming to address the specific requirements for all of those lightweight materials. Today in the aerospace industry, in order to reduce weight, prevent corrosion and variations in thermal expansion, the CFRP-metal multilayer composites are used in aircraft programs, particularly for structural parts subject to high loads. But these are being used every time more in the automotive industry and the wind power designs.

PCD Drills for composite materials and stacks


Specially manufactured for the high demands needed by modern CFRP and CFRP/Stacks/AL/TI. The Full Nib drill allows design a wide range of drilling geometries to adapt drills to the application depending on the material that is being to be used in hole making operations in the aerospace industry.

PREZISS solid PCD helical drills



All in one, the full-nib drill provides a reliable drill point that ensures a long tool life, adding countersinking operation in the same tool, converts it a one shot drill-countersink, with advantage of cost reduction and at the same time improves the accuracy of holes.


The spiral wafer drill offers excellent performance in CFRP (Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer), fiberglass, aluminum and other very abrasive materials. with improved flexible geometry can drill a wide range of CFRP/Stack materials too.

aircraft composite stacks
Downloadaircraft drill bits


A wide range of PCD countersinks PREZISS has specially designed for cutting abrasive materials such as carbon composites, rubber, fibreglass, carbon fibre and reinforced plastics.

PREZISS PCD countersinks



Hand countersinking is a common operation in air frame assembly within the aerospace industry, made designed as per application and customer specification. Made with the highest quality materials, with a fully ground locating face on the rear of the tool guaranteeing concentricity with your hole. Also available with straight shank, fixed or removable pilot.We work closely with major aerospace companies in optimising the manufacturing processes  to improve cost savings and tool efficiency for the production.In addition, PCD tools and Solid Carbide tools are easily reground multiple times to allow for the lowest possible cost per hole.

aircraft PCD countersink


PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tooling provides the ultimate in wear resistance and tool life to maximize production efficiencies.

PREZISS PCD countersinks



PREZISS produces PCD end mills that are used for machining highly abrasive composite materials as well as many high silicon grade aluminium parts. PCD tipped, steel or solid carbide  based body adding chip breaker control, allows you to improve chip evacuation increasing the productivity as well as a higher tool life. Our state of the art equipment, automated manufacturing process and best in the industry employees can design and build solutions for your most difficult diamond tooling needs.

aircraft PCD countersink


Close tolerance holes - precision step-reamer for High precision reaming of CFRP and metal stack materials, for applications with high demand on accuracy and surface finish, offering Low thrust force design improving hole quality.

PREZISS PCD countersinks


aircraft PCD reamer with shipbreaker technology

Close-tolerance hole making in composite materials.

PCD and carbide reamers made to order, specially designed for the pre and finish machining of aluminium, titanium and super alloys as well as sandwich material components for every application task and machine type. The stepped-drill reamer combine tasks to create an efficient hole machining with precision and reliable production. 
The design is done depending on application and material including stacked materials (titanium and aluminium) Multi-flute designs available in 2, 4 or 6 flutes and  Through coolant directed onto cutting edges. 
Tapered “One-Shot” Drill Reamers - with straight or spiral flutes forhand-held drilling applications (through bushings) or with controlledfeed / speed drill motors. Developed for drilling fibreglass and excellentfor drilling graphite / composites with a self-centering point design.

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