Circular Milling and Face Milling Tools

High performance for Milling operations.

Face Milling Is the most common operation that uses a wide variety of tools to get different results. The PCD Milling solution supersedes the yield and production of aluminium automotive components.

Preziss K_MILL reversible PCD insert face Mill
K_MILL Lightweight face milling system with reversible PCD inserts for a high performance and finishing quality.
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PREZISS K_MILL Face Milling System

A newly developed PREZISS K_MILL face mill with an original new concept of Full Face PCD replaceable & reversible inserts. Large ap of 8,0mm thanks to full faced PCD insert development, higher Nr. Of cutting edges & reversible inserts that stands for quality, performance & cost efficiency.

Thanks to a new clamping system designed to the minutest detail, the inserts can be easily turned and/or replaced and fixed again in a fast, safe and easy way. Final accurate axial adjustment is possible for every insert to guarantee performance & accuracy.
A unique & tested state of the art system with top quality components specially designed to perform and fulfil high machining demands.

The evolution in milling surfaces gets a new ultimate dimension, K_MILL is a new powerful milling tool developed to perform. Thanks to its new & well developed design this cutter has a larger Nr.of cutting edges allowing far higher feed rates. The revolutionary insert design also confers the tool a longer “ap” that can reduce cycle times. Reversible inserts makes it even morecost effective

DPM02 Cartridge Face Milling System

The innovative DPM02 arbour face milling cutter is excellently suited for reliable step and face milling of aluminium components. The PCD cartridge guarantees the maximum tool life and high performance of cutting edges, achieving the demanded comprehensive production requirements in terms of reliability and productivity.
DPM002 is a family of cutters with replaceable cartridges with brazed PCD and PCBN cutting edges. They have been developed for easy adjustment and cartridge replacement. Thanks to our experience and continuous research, this is a new concept solution allowing easy axial adjustment of the cartridges.This genuine development gives the cartridges the opportunity to sharpen many times always keeping constant tool dimension. An important feature of the Preziss milling heads is its modern and high precision clamping system: besides the common clamping screw, a clamping wedge is added, thus the rigidity of the cutter is increased and higher cutting speeds, feeds and tool life are reached. The clamping wedge also prevents wear of the cutter body from chip impacts. The internal coolant system allows driving directly to the cutting edges the necessary lubrication that helps to prevent material build up and extends tool life. Preziss milling cutters are very versatile: one cutter body is equipped with cartridges that can be sharpened and/or re-tipped several times.

Preziss DPM002 Cartridge face Milling Cutter
PREZISS DPM002 Face Milling Head with PCD cartridge system, a high performance milling system.
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Preziss Special circular milling tools
PREZISS customized circular and profile Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) milling solutions to machine aluminium parts.

PREZISS Special PCD Circular Milling tools

PREZISS has a wide and comprehensive range of milling cutter for all applications. The PCD mono-block face milling cutter for high feed speed. A PCD straight end mills, PCD helical and staggered flute milling cutters.
Preziss produces surface finish and slot milling tools that are used in most industrial applications and can be customized for every customer need. Thanks to our wide machining application data base, And depending on the material and the job to be done, we select the best cutting geometry from our range such as surface lead chamfer, corner chamfer, number of teeth, size and best tool holder, …The basic tool body is made of solid carbide and/or heavy metal alloy for small end mills and made of high quality steel for larger tools.
The Profile Milling cutters confers a High Geometrical Accuracy thanks to its high precise cutting edge and if it's needed a Laser chipbreaker. The mono-block body architecture makes the tool very stable and the optimized cooling supply to the cutting edges.
Combination tools eliminates tool changes and high cutting speed reduces downtimes in the aluminium components.


Maximum reliability and optimization of milling time saving for machining external contours, form milling process by a central plunge entrance and a small movement in circular CN interpolation.
Circular milling tools from PREZISS can be used universally for contours on workpieces. External contours with an accurate profile can be produced with only one tool. Using PCD tools are decisive to combine different operations in one tool only and keep the exact offset from one to the others.

PREZISS customized Bell Milling Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) Tools to machine aluminium parts.
Preziss Special circular milling tools
PREZISS customized circular and profile Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) milling solutions to machine aluminium parts.

High Performance Face Milling

  • Face milling operations with high cutting depth
  • Mono-block design for good anti-vibration damping
  • The Highest number of brazed edges
  • Highly accurate shape geometry
  • Direct to edge Inner coolant channels

PREZISS High Performance PCD Milling Tools

For the planning of surfaces, PREZISS has a wide range of monoblock cutters to work at great feed rates. Milling tools with brazed tips manufactured in one single body, HSK tapers, ISO, MAS-BT, CAT or cylindrical shank in case the diameter of the drill requires. PREZISS takes care of the details because we know that in them is the key to success, our engineering department designs the bodies of the tools taking care of two very important details in a PCD tool, the evacuation of the chip and the cooling channels. Whether we are in a "normal" cooling environment like "MQL", our tools achieve a high degree of reliability and performance, as well as a long tool life, thanks to the design and precise manufacture process of the bodies for the milling cutters.

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