PCD High Performance Shank Tools for CNC machining

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tooling provides the ultimate in wear resistance and tool life to maximize production efficiencies. PCD diamond cutting tools for the machining of all materials from the MDF or chipboard to the new lightweight materials such as composites and OSB boards.



Routing with CNC machines has given added advantages to the furniture manufacturing industry and this has resulted in increased use of overhead  routers and shank tools, both straight and profile.
The common characteristics of this kind of machine are:
-Use of small diameters (with reduced number of tips)    
-High RPM due to the production needs and quality of finish.

Preziss pcd shank tools tech

PREZISS PCD straight milling tools

PREZISS PCD compact hoggers

CNC Straight Shank Tools


The indisputable advantages of milling CNC in manufacturing furniture parts and the timber industry in general has led to the massive incorporation of milling machines CNC vertical upper head, using basically tools handle both straight and with profile. The most common operations performed on these machines, we cite several examples for those who have a wide range of highly specialized tools, according to the demands and needs of each user. trimming, shaping / edging, milling progressive entry or vertical input, profiling / moulding.

Preziss high performance tools

PREZISS HP milling

PREZISS PCD high performance shank cutters

Preziss PCD high performance shank tools

PREZISS PCD profile shank tools

This group of cutters are built under approval custom design and cover all special and personalised profiles and shapes that customers needs for unit own applications. Allows to mix different and complex profiles to machine all in one shoot. Cutting geometries are special designed as per material to work and machining conditions.

PREZISS psd profile shank tools
preziss PCD profile shank cutter

Preziss PCD Profile shank cutters

 preziss PCD profile shank cutter

Preziss PCD profile shank tools

preziss psd profile tool

Preziss PCD profile shank cutter

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