ISO Tools

High precision accuracy in hole finishing.

Accuracy of high precision in the finishing of holes. Based on our quality standards to ensure reliability in the machining of holes, we are setting standards in productivity by offering wide ranging reaming solutions and customised Fine boring tools for a wide range of finishing applications in aluminium components.
Maximum flexibility with high accuracy.


PREZISS Fine Boring Tools

Built to make holes in a highly accurate and quality surface finish. PREZISS produces special fine boring tools, mounting ISO inserts to optimize the boring process. Tools can be equipped with carbide polished Inserts or coated, in applications where lasting and a good finish is required, the right choice are PCD inserts.
With a combination of ISO inserts and PCD sliding blades with fine adjustments. The system forms the basis of Preziss comprehensive tooling solutions to specific customer requirements. Examples of this can be seen on request.
flexibility in the machining of internal and external fine boring.
ISO placing inserts in alternate positions allows the complete machining of complex contours joining step boring, radii, chamfers and  circular milling in a single tool. Tools can be designed for roughing or finishing, always looking to improve machining times to achieve a stable and effective process. For increased performance Preziss Diamant offers a mounting adjustment systems for ISO inserts that guarantees the reliability in the machining process even when the inserts are being replaced.

Preziss cartridge fine boring tool


Preziss has now launched the FLEXReam. A standard line of carbide and PCD indexable single blade reamers. The FLEXReam is a high speed reaming system with internal coolant holes and two cutting edges with four possible lead angles. The single indexable blade with wear resistant carbide pads offers the combination of an economical solution and high precision results. The exceptional level of accuracy can now eliminate additional operations in the work piece. This is possible thanks to the perfectly brazed guide pads and the fine blade adjustment.
The scope for reaming and boring are boundless, with customer guidance PREZISS Fine Boring Tools are designed with the combination of PCD sliding inserts and ISO idexable inserts and the tool body or tool holder making it technically possible to built reliable tooling.

FlexReam-reaming tools

FlexReam Features

  • Flexible Diameter adjustment
    The system allows the convertion of the tool to different diameter settings, thus making it flexible to be adjusted when workpieces demand dimensional changes.
  • Self repleacemen
    The FlexReam system gives you the ability to replace the inserts as soon as there is wear without needing to send the tool for service, giving access to the tool instantly.
  • Accurate settings
    The FlexReam system allows easily set up and configure to the required diameter, back taper or hight, in a fast and friendly way with only a few fine screw adjustments.
  • Double side use
    Preziss produces a full Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) faced inserts that confers a high quality product and giving the option of double side diamond edges for more lasting inserts.
  • Reliable performance
    At PREZISS we always take care in the quality products and materials we use so the PCD grains are improved as well as the edge preparation to achieve a high level response.

Multi-Stage special tools for reaming

Due to workpieces design requirements, quality and dimensional demands, the special tool is the best solution to achieve the machining task. Using special multi-task in combination with reaming tools the improvement of the cycle of the tool guarantees better machining costs.

SK40-PCD-multi-stage-tool ISO INSERTS
hsk63a-Reaming PCD-ISO tool

Precision tools for multiple operations

flexibility in the machining of internal and external fine boring. High Precision modular tools for universal machining tasks where accurate tolerances and surface finish are demanded in operations of fine boring, reaming or milling. Assembling ISO inserts that can be combined for a functional behavior in multi tasking operations, facing to a high quality surface finish demanding final hole tolerances.

multi task fine boring tools ISO inserts
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