Aerospace Countersink Technology

PCD Countersinks for hole finishing.

We at PREZISS develop, produce, market and support worldwide customized machining concepts for companies in the aerospace industry.



Hand countersinking is a common operation in air frame assembly within the aerospace industry, PCD countersinks made and designed as per application and customer specification. Made with the highest quality materials, with a fully ground locating face on the rear of the tool guaranteeing concentricity with your hole. Also available with straight shank, fixed or removable pilot.We work closely with major aerospace companies in optimising the manufacturing processes  to improve cost savings and tool efficiency for the production.In addition, PCD tools and Solid Carbide tools are easily reground multiple times to allow for the lowest possible cost per hole.



PCD Countersink with the integral pilot


PCD Countersink with the integral pilot and controlled fillet radius, greatly improves countersinking in advanced composite applications. countersink tools are effectively applied in drilling all air frame materials including aluminum, CFRP, titanium and stainless steel as well as any combination of those materials.

Preziss PCD Countersink  interchangeable pilot


PCD Countersink with the interchangeable pilot


The PCD countersinks design allows for accurate forming of holes and provides longer life and better hole quality. PCD countersinks with interchangeable pilot allow for replacement of damaged pilots or substitution of various pilot diameters with the same countersink. Common angles are 100 and 130 degrees from 3/8 inch to 11/4 and 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 18mm, 22mm and 27mm. Integrated Pilot or interchangeable Pilot countersink can be produced with customised dimensions.

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