Z3 Tool engineering

The PREZISS innovation Program for cutting tools

Preziss bets for developing new benchmark ideas to help progress in motion of cutting tools, in order to be on the edge of new capabilities and customer needs for the future of the machining processes and new advanced materials.


Project Management

Project management and process engineering: Pioneers for innovative cutting tool concepts.

Our customers, worldwide in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and metalworking industry appreciate us as a partner for highly complex projects and special developments. Our skilled tool-project team develops customized solutions for different tasks in close cooperation with our customer’s. Our project managers coordinate the entire process up to product launch to reach the full performance and highest customer satisfaction. A flexible tool service and a qualified application engineer consulting also belong to our corporate principles. Our reasoned range of services is perfectly tailored to the diversified customer needs and is constantly changing to be adapted to the new customer requirements. Our service department operates quickly and flexibly. On request, to deliver the required tool.

Engineered Cutting Tool Solutions

Preziss engineer's team

"Enjoy Machining..."

  • Project data acquisition
    - Engineer to engineer approach
    - Workpiece details
    - Project consultation
  • research
    - Project planning
    - Tool concepts design
    - Cycle Time optimization
  • Application
    - Final Layout process and tools
    - Final Tool design
    - Delivery Timeline planning
  • Manufacturing
    - Cutting tools CAD data
    - Gantt project management
    - Production of Tools and Systems
  • Service
    - Project delivery
    - After sales service
    - Tooling service

meet the complex...
Complex tooling projects requires a well prepared professionals and a responsive communication ensuring the efficient project execution to provide successful machining solutions. 3D models, workpiece, machine types, clamping unit information, are sensitive data to start designing tooling systems, monitoring possible collisions in the production sequences.

steering knuckle

Cope and eliminate unstable variables and find the unique effective design for the cutting tool. That's being replicated on each tool, gathering all cutting tools in a full optimized machining sequence. the team work closely and united, sharing the established quality hubs needed within the design and manufacturing process to drive a perfect development in a tooling project.

Preziss Research and Development

"Enjoy Machining..."

The innovation in focus

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. Our Z3 engineer's team is constantly collecting information about the relevant needs that redefine the machining trends every year accordly the new technologies, materials and further expectations, so our Z3 work must be focused on relay and  cope the new challenges by designing and producing new cutting tool solutions. We point out different unforseen scenarios where the cutting tools could find some interferences and focs the engineered solution that solves the situation.

"Laser Chipbreakers highlight in the PCD, allows to control chips and the extraction in reaming, blime hole drilling or milling"

preziss chipbreaker pod tools

High performance face milling

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. Our Z3 engineer's team rationally developed a ergonomic system easy to handle with its clamping system and easy to adjust using a double side PCD insert that conferes a high performance. The K_MILL patented system mounts different insert geometries that covers several surface finishing scenes.

"The K_MILL highlight enhances the face milling sequence by adding performance and reliability."

K_MILL patented systemLearn More

Taking advantage of the technique

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. We are applied to new technologies that can offer us alternate improvement and reach where where before was not possible. Now 3D printing opens up a world of design and manufacturing possibilities where we have ventured and now we are starting to find effective solutions.

"The 3D technology helps us to reach up new challenges "

preziss 3D printed cutting tools

The pure state of the technique in PCD

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES. It is common to think that something has reached its maximum exponent and that you can not go further, but suddenly everything fits and opens a new era. Today we can manufacture cutting tools such as reamers or drills with PCD solid geometry even in relatively small diameters added to new grains of PCD making possible high performance machining where it was not possible before.

"The solid state of PCD for cutting tools"

preziss solid PCD tools
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