Aerospace Milling Technology


We at PREZISS develop, produce, market and support worldwide customized machining concepts for companies in the aerospace industry.


The best way for milling aerospace components

PREZISS produces PCD end mills that are used for machining highly abrasive composite materials as well as many high silicon grade aluminium parts. PCD tipped, steel or solid carbide  based body adding chip breaker control, allows you to improve chip evacuation increasing the productivity as well as a higher tool life. Our state of the art equipment, automated manufacturing process and best in the industry employees can design and build solutions for your most difficult diamond tooling needs.


CFRP fuselage

PCD Milling tools for CFRP

  • Optimized for composite materials
  • PCD for high performance
  • No Breakout or delamination of the material
  • Multiple reconditioning


  • Different kind of CFRP materials
  • GFRP materials
  • Very abrasive material
  • High cutting speeds

Carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) have many qualities that mean they have been widely adopted in the aerospace sector. The most importantly for the OEMs aiming to make aircraft as light and fuel efficient as possible – they are lightweight but with very high strength properties. Added to this are other benefits, such as resistance to fatigue, corrosion, impact wear and thermal stability. CFRP can be applied for particular applications on the aircraft, whether that be part of an engine nacelle, wings or the fuselage. In some cases metallic and composite materials can be combined. Either in layers in what are known as stack materials. There are also honeycomb style substances and composite materials consisting of very tough fibres such as aramid. The cutting tools have to be manufactured with the right materials such as the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and CVD applying special geometries or coatings to machine efficiently in drilling and milling operations. PCD milling tools absorbs the temperature as the diamond is a heat absorbing material and the cutting edges will last longer.


wing rib aluminium
milling tools aluminium

PCD Milling tools for Aluminium

  • Optimized for aluminium
  • Long tool life
  • Maximum metal removal rate
  • Internal coolant supply and MQL
  • Multiple reconditioning


  • Ramping milling cutter
  • Pocketing milling cutter
  • Wall finishing cutter
  • finishing Milling of pocket structures

To machine a component at the lowest possible costs, you need the best possible combination of machinery, machining parameters and tooling solutions. PCD tools for aluminium components are designed to achieve maximum performance in high speeds and machining volumes with a significant tool life thanks to the edge preparation of the PCD and the tool body construction. Excellent chip removal in rough machining and the best surfaces in finishing operations gives the PCD an unrivalled properties to machine efficiently aluminium parts.


beam chassis titanium

TI Milling tools

  • Optimized for Titanium material
  • Excellent chip removal
  • Vibration free
  • high productivity in Rough, semi-finishing, finishing
  • Long tool life


  • Milling of Titanium structures
  • Pocket milling
  • Wall milling
  • Roughing slot, corner and profile

To machine Titanium alloys components tool must be rigid and stable design to avoid unforeseen damage. The cutting tool design, edge preparation and the materials used to built a tool are a key factor to protect edge chipping damages in high feed roughing applications. High pressure coolant supply is very important and the right orientation to the cutting edge protects of edge chipping and rejects generated chips away and the subsequent heating of the area. A maximum number of teeth gives a short machining times and highest metal removal rates allowing a better cost efficiency per part machined.high pressure coolant supply is very important and the right orientation drawn to the cutting edge protects of edge chipping and rejects generated chips away and the subsequent heating of the area

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