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Located in Montgat, near the city of Barcelona PREZISS is a leading company in the production of precision polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and Carbide (HM) cutting tools, special tools and precision clamping systems. The company, with more than 40 years of experience, is comprised by an experienced team that works every day with the aim to offer new and innovative machining solutions for all sectors, specially focused on automotive industry. We like being close to our customers by capturing their requirements so that we can bring our full creative potential in an active engineering process to add value to the new market requirements and needs. The constant training and up to date technological advances in production equipment and new design supports makes us be always involved in continuous improvement and be aware of new technological developments. All company staff works together to provide a comprehensive dialogue and create a solid professional network to minimize errors and think always of excellence in our daily work. The success of our products transmits this philosophy to our customers by showing continuous improvement.

PREZISS a global technology leader in the fields of high-precision drilling, reaming, milling, threading and tooling systems. As a innovative Company we develop and produce a High Quality products and customized solutions for individual applications in the machining processes focusing into the smallest detail with the compromise to deliver efficient, reliable and accurate cutting tools.

We Are a medium company with an innovation soul that sets it as a key of a sustainable business. Our innovative technologies ensures a position ahead in tool engineering and a top quality cutting tools delivery. The customer profits the added value of the new implemented continuous improvenets for the cutting tools setting an economical advantage for the plant efficiency.

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