Special Solid Carbide Tools

The versatile option for the optimization of the process sequence.

Accuracy of high precision in the finishing of holes. Based on our quality standards to ensure reliability in the machining of holes, we are setting referent in productivity by offering Satanadard reaming solutions as customized Fine boring tools for a wide range of finishing applications in aluminium components.


Customized Solid Carbide tools.

Preziss completes the range of tools for machining aluminium, cast iron, steels and special materials CFRP and GRP with solid carbide special tools. Preziss, specializes in solutions for drilling, reaming and circular milling with custom profiles. The customized solid carbide tools, have a very extensive field of application in the aerospace industry, the machine tool, also in the field of hydraulics and power generation.
The special solid carbide tools with PVD coatings, improves tool life and excels where demanding surface finishes are required. There are many types of coatings to find the best option in each case. (AlCrN, TiN, TiCrN, TiAlN, Polycrystalline Diamond). are all examples of coatings that meet and improve machining processes.

PREZISS Special PCD Reamers

PREZISS solid carbide reamer

PREZISS Carbide tools

We at PREZISS design and produce special solid carbide tools in accordance with a to specific drawings or customers requirements. PREZISS brings the maximum precision expression to all special tools, even in the case of carbide tipped tools. All resources and know-how acquired in the polycrystalline diamond tools are being applied in the customized solid carbide cutting tools.

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