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PREZISS Tooling System

Preziss recommend using rigid holding system with low radial and angular run-out on machines. Compatible tool holders for reaming, drilling and milling tools with Flexibility is the key to success of Preziss PCD and tailored made tools. The A.R.C. system is the holding system that offers greater range of run out and fine adjustment for operations requiring accurately finished holes.
The HSK taper system offers ahigh precision and rigidity that makes this system one of the best choices for machining centres with automatic tool changers and special transfer machines. HSK offers to the rotating tools a high run-out accuracy due to its taper design and the face connection.
In our assortment we offer shell mill holders, face milling and disc milling arbors, weldon, shrink fit and hydraulic chucks adapted to the major taper systems available for machine spindles Such as the HSK, ISO/DIN, MAS-BT and CAT.

Preziss tool holders
Tooling system by PREZISS available in HSK, ISO/DIN, MAS-BT and CAT.

PREZISS Special Tool Holders

If you need to find a specific tool holder type we can manufacture on demand a special tool clamping system adapted to your needs, from roughing, high speed machining or high accuracy drilling and reaming. Preziss offers the right solution and clamping technology for all specific requirements. We at PREZISS design turn key projects where customized tooling systems are built for multi-tasking tool operations and able to offer maximum robustness, modularity and precision at the same time.

Preziss special tooling systems
Special tool holders by PREZISS adapted to machining needs. Combining Hydro sleeves, shrink-fit and mechanical clamping.

A.R.C, Axial and Radial Compensation System

Whit the Axial and Radial compensation holder is possible to set 1 micron runout and axial alignment in a long fine boring tool for the Cylinder head machining, this is an essential requirement to get the optimal concentricity of the camshaft bearing journals.



The Tool Holder HSK DIN 69893 has become the most standard for machining centres. The main feature is that it clamps through its taper and the contact flange surface, providing a high centering accuracy and perfect axial position even when exchanging tools. The tolerance between taper and machine spindle are less than 2 microns (.002mm). An additional torque transmission is allowed thanks to the drive keys provided in the taper and machine spindle.

Preziss HSK Tool Holder
Tool Holder DIN 69893 HSK32 / HSK40 / HSK50 / HSK63 / HSK80 / HSK100

PREZISS SK holders

The Tool Holder SK DIN 69871 is the most traditional taper system for milling spindles, the main feature is the extremely robust design. The centering and clamping takes place through the taper contact. The clamping is done by pulling up a drive pin.

Preziss SK Tool Holder
Tool Holder DIN 69871 SK30 / SK40 / SK50

PREZISS BT holders

The Tool Holder JIS B 6339 (MAS BT) is a traditional taper system for milling spindles, the main feature is the extremely robust design. The centering and clamping takes place through the taper contact. The clamping is done by pulling up a drive pin.

Preziss BT Tool Holder
Tool Holder JIS B 6339 BT30 / BT40 / BT50

PREZISS Hydraulic Chucks

Hydraulic Chucks are an ideal tool holders for machining processes that require high accuracy such as drills, reamers, ball mills, end mills, PCD diamond reamers, available and designed in combination with multi-tasking tools, the hydraulic tool holder is the perfect system for high precision machining in automotive and aerospace industry. The hydraulic feature confers an excellent clamping stability and vibration free for High precision, smooth and stable cutting, the Runout accuracy less than .001 mm perfectly suits in reaming and fine boring operations.

Preziss Hydraulic chucks
Hydraulic Highly accurate Tool Holders
Preziss Hydraulic chuck clamping devices
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