Aerospace Drilling Technology

High precision accuracy in hole finishing.

We at PREZISS develop, produce, market and support worldwide customized machining concepts for companies in the aerospace industry.


The right choice for drilling

PREZISS drilling tools are designed and technically adapted to the application. Behind every product there is extensive know-how in development, production and testing. The processes, materials and requirements of the customer are in the focus for the tool solution. And every single one of these products reflects the uncompromising quality spotlight. the geometries developed for PREZISS drill bits allow to generate high quality holes with a good performance in the most popular technical materials and stacks used in the aerospace industry.



Twist drill with helical PCD dril point


To machine a component at the lowest possible costs, you need the best possible combination of machinery, machining parameters and tooling solutions. From modern aerospace, composite materials such as CFRP or GRP are indispensable. Their big advantage lies in their high resistance and at the same time very low weight. Combination drill countersink tools are effectively applied in drilling all air frame materials including aluminum, CFRP, titanium and stainless steel as well as any combination of material stacks. cutting tools for these materials are a very special challenge, the abrasive properties of CFRP makes that the tool must be accurately built for optimum results. Perfect hole finishing without delamination, accuracy and tool life are needed. Carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a well suited material for aircraft hulls and wings and in the production process os those components, so the PREZISS PCD drills preserves the geometry through the cut to get consistent, clean edges and finishing.

Preziss PCD Drill countersink  for aluminium machining


Twist drill / Sinking with helical PCD dril point


Drills and Drill countersink to machine precise holes in aircraft aluminium parts where exact dimensional accuracy and outstanding surface finish quality. The Preziss drills are engineered as a solution to tackle the issues commonly encountered in high production drilling. The polished flute design increases the performance drilling with an efficient chip evacuation, a double margin design gives and improved accuracy that allows finishing holes and the accurate design of the drill point geometry reduces the fatigue allowing a longer tool life.

preziss psd drill countersink for CFRP aluminium stacks


Twist drill with helical PCD dril point


Fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP/GFRP),Titanium, Nickel-based alloys,Aramide and Honeycombs represents a real challenge during the machining process what means the cutting tool producers too. PREZISS developed a comprehensive tool solutions in the area of drilling , milling and reaming to address the specific requirements for all of those lightweight materials. Today in the aerospace industry, in order to reduce weight, prevent corrosion and variations in thermal expansion, the CFRP-metal multilayer composites are used in aircraft programs, particularly for structural parts subject to high loads. But these are being used every time more in the automotive industry and the wind power designs.
Central Wing box commonly made of stacked materials CFRP with Aluminium and Titanium is a real challenge for the manufacturing process. The cutting tool must be effective in the tool life and the hole quality. some issues are key to success, example, the drastic differences between the material properties.

Prezziss Ti Drill titanium machining


Titanium Twist drill


The CFRP/TITANIUM drill is designed to ensure hole quality and diameter. A very sophisticated unequal shape designed by PREZISS, plus the solid carbide micro-grain, makes of this twist drill one of the best choices in the drilling of titanium or titanium staks to produce a clean, tight tolerance hole without frying or delamination. depending on the composition of stack, the geometry can be changed to better match the composites to be machined. PREZISS Design A Drill for Your Challenging Application, PCD full nib drills, facet drills, TITANIUM drills, CFRP drills, piloted drill reamers, double margin piloted step drills, drill/countersink and one shot drill reamers.The spiral solid carbide drill offers excellent performance in titanium and and CFRP/Stacks/AL/TI. with improved and revolutionary unequal geometric distribution can drill a high quality holes.

drill reamer hand tool
preziss full PCD nib drill
preziss MQL-carbide-drill
preziss carbide twist dril sinker
Preziss PCD chevron drill CFRP
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