December 16, 2021
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AM solutions for tooling

Additive Manufacturing technology,

AM applications for cutting tools, the state of the art for new tool concepts

We are advancing the path of new technologies to bring competitive value in performance and functionality for the precision cutting tools of the future.
We have acquired new skills and knowledge, with new technologies and we take advantage of them to improve our products, in this sense, today we have new advanced cutting tool systems that are produced with AM technology.

A breakthrough for fine boring tools with guide pads that now in many cases we manufacture with a hybrid system of interchangeable guide pads.

Preziss additive manufacturing cutting tools
hybrid guide pad system

The new improvements in additive manufacturing and the high resolution with which we are working allow us today to improve in very small and precise details in cutting tools that require it.
The hybrid drill system we have designed brings together three base materials, solid PCD, the base body head made of special steel with the AM system, and a tungsten carbide tool body.
the union of these three materials together, allows us to work with the best characteristics of each one of them. The tungsten carbide base body gives us the necessary rigidity in a body for a drill bit, the head made in additive manufacturing allows us to make coolant outlets in the reverse direction for a greater capacity of evacuation of the chip through its channel.

Preziss additive manufacturing PCD drill
AM hybrid PCD drill system

Preziss leverages the design freedom of additive manufacturing (AM) to get closer to customer demands and challenges. In this sense, we have created a range of PCD reaming taking advantage of additive manufacturing technique, designing hybrid reamers with tungsten carbide core and high-performance AM reaming heads together with our proven PCD geometries for reaming, delivers unmatched productivity and reliability for finishing holes in aluminum parts.

Preziss additive manufacturing fine boring tools
PCD hybrid reamers

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