February 14, 2019
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High performance milling

HP Milling

High performance face milling

when high metal removal rate is the first priority in aluminium parts the brazed PCD face mill is the key to reach the chip removal at high feed rates. with its monoblock body construction acquiring high natural stifness plus a high number of teeth that gives a great capacity working at high cmachining conditions.

HP diamond face milling cutter HSK63A

High performance cutters by Preziss allows to machine at very fast feed rates with relatively great depths of cut. The PCD conferes high resistance to chattering and the tool body is designed to fastly evacuate the chips out and at the same time the optimized internal coolant supply allows to cool down the cutting point and helps to keep clean the cutting edge enlarging the tool life.

High performance PCD face milling cutters

The Preziss PCD high performance face milling cutter is noteworthy for its outstanding cost efficiency due to long tool life and machining cicle performance. This PCD Milling platform is designed and engineered for aluminum face milling applications, where polycrystalline diamond is the best choise for mass production.

PCD circular milling cutter

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