October 30, 2020
automotive industry R&D

PCD cartridges

A step ahead in the efficient production,

The PCD cartridge guarantees the maximum tool life and high performance of the cutting edges, achieving the demanded comprehensive production requirements in terms of reliability and productivity.

Milling cartridges at extremely low cost compared to the performance and tool life achieved, making it a high end solution for face milling. High removal rates, defined surface roughnesses or in finishin operations, the face milling cutter program with PCD milling cartridges is designed for the high-performance machining of non-ferrous metals.

PCD cartridges

The best choise for high-speed aluminium machining.

The DPM02 face milling cutter allows micron setting adjustment ensuring a perfect surface finishes in all long series getting a cost effective result even obtaining a better improvement due to the reconditioning of the PCD cartridges.

The new development in PCD milling cartridge has been developed to get the goal of a finished part free of residual soiling keeping the chips away from the workpiece surface in a controlled manner. Coolant outlets help to do this action efficiently.

DPM02 face milling cutter with PCD cartridges

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