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Drilling formulas

Cutting Speed, (Vc)

Spindle Speed, (n)

Feed per revolution, (F)

feed per revolution formula by preziss

Feed rate, (Vf)

Fn formula by preziss

Drive power, (Pmot)

Drive power formula by preziss

Metal removal rate, (Q)

Q Metal removal rate formula by preziss

n                                Speed                                      rpm
Dc                              Cutter diameter                    mm - inch
ap                              Depth of cut                          mm - inch
ae                              Width of cut                           mm - inch
Z                                Number of teeth                   pcs
Vc                              Cutting speed                        m/min - ft/min
Vf                               Feed rate                               mm/min - inch/min
Fz                              Feed per tooth                      mm - inch
Q                               Metal removal rate              Cm3/min - inc3/min
Pmot                         Drive power                          KW - HP
hm                            Medium chip thickness       mm - inch
Kc                              Specific cutting force           N/mm2 - N/inch2
η                                Efficiency of machine          (0,7 - 0,95)
K                                Approach angle                    º
φs                              Engagement angle               º
φ1                             Up-cut milling area               º
φ2                             Synchronus milling area      º
Kc                              Specific cutting force            N/mm2 - N/inc2
y                                Reverse engagement            mm - inch

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