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Boring formulae

Cutting Speed, (Vc)

Spindle Speed, (n)

Feed per revolution, (F)

feed per revolution formula by preziss

Feed rate, (Vf)

Fn formula by preziss

n                                Speed                                      rpm
Dc                              Cutter diameter                    mm - inch
ap                              Depth of cut                          mm - inch
ae                              Width of cut                           mm - inch
Z                                Number of teeth                   pcs
Vc                              Cutting speed                        m/min - ft/min
Vf                               Feed rate                               mm/min - inch/min
Fz                              Feed per tooth                      mm - inch
Q                               Metal removal rate              Cm3/min - inc3/min
Pmot                         Drive power                          KW - HP
hm                            Medium chip thickness       mm - inch
Kc                              Specific cutting force           N/mm2 - N/inch2
η                                Efficiency of machine          (0,7 - 0,95)
K                                Approach angle                    º
φs                              Engagement angle               º
φ1                             Up-cut milling area               º
φ2                             Synchronus milling area      º
Kc                              Specific cutting force            N/mm2 - N/inc2
y                                Reverse engagement            mm - inch

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