The new K MILL system by PREZISS for edge trimming

Preziss presents the system of tools for edge trimming and high performance rebating, assembling polycrystalline diamond (PCD) interchangeable blades. The K_MILL edge trimming cutter of PREZISS use interchangeable blades that offers a great versatility of use and in turn are very simple to use as the system is designed to facilitate rapid and completely autonomously change by the customer. The easy thing does not mean it's easy, just easier to use.

patent pending P201631389

Application K_MILL

-Suitable for routing chipboard and MDF covered with melamine, paper, veneer, profiling machines, edge lipping, etc.

-Works with or against feed.

-Ø 80mm x 45 L.C. Z=3

-Ø 100 mm x 34 L.C. Z=3

-Ø 125 x 63 L.C. Z=3

-Concrete solutions on demand.

mounting instructions

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